Back to the roots

Inspired by our more than 100-year tradition of sliding door hardware, the youngest member of the TIGER Product family, the RETRO, was born. This hardware for wooden doors is based on classic barn door design. Solid blackened steel provides an authentic look that evokes stability and reliability. This traditional design is now combined with state-of-the-art sliding door technology. While innovations like intake dampers are not usually associated with this type of hardware, we use a 3 chamber damper, installed in the door itself and thus not visible, allowing doors of up to 100 kg, to be gently and comfortably positioned. A special technical highlight is the flexible arrangement of the components, which for example, allows for variable spacing from the wall. RETRO adapts to different door thicknesses or structural conditions without additional constrictions.

Authentic steel hardware with intake damping.

  • Blackened steel components for a distinctive appearance
  • Supplied with matching door handle
  • The damping trigger, which also serves as a retainer, can be located wherever desired
  • Extra-large wheel with heavy-duty ball bearings ensure exceptional operation
  • Three-chamber intake damper is a combination of pneumatic spring and oil brake