The latest generation: EVOLUTION 3. The absence of visible fastening screws ensures the polished and anodized surface of the track is even more effective, resulting in a pure and elegant design. In addition to this outward improvement, a lot has happened behind the scenes. This new profile combination allows for custom lengths. At the same time, the damping trigger can now be placed anywhere along the track, and the end position of the door can be arbitrarily defined. Furthermore, the newly designed drive can be precisely tuned and thus offers additional advantages for this design classic.

With EVOLUTION 3, the tried and tested pneumatic damper is used  again, ensuring the  door is braked with the touch of a feather into the final position. EVOLUTION 3 reaches a new level in terms of ease of assembly and ease of use.

Strikingly elegant – invisibly precise

  • Mounting screws elegantly concealed behind the track
  • Track available in custom lengths
  • Variable damping trigger allows for a flexible end position of the door
  • Installation advantage of a finely adjustable drive
  • Intake damper makes it even easier to use


EVOLUTION 3 Backside view